Decluttering? 5 Easy Ways To Make It Simpler

Mother and daughter spring cleaning in living room

Let’s face it: between figuring out what to toss and how to organize that cluttered closet, sparking joy through organization can feel like a daunting task.

Here are five ways plastics can help make decluttering and organizing simpler … and help you keep things spiffy all year long.

1. What’s that in the fridge?

What doesn’t spark joy? That stinky old food in your fridge that wasn’t stored properly. Ewwww. What’s in that Chinese takeout box?

An easy way to avoid that mess: store food and leftovers in airtight plastic storage containers and zipper bags. Multiple sizes of storage containers and zipper bags allow you to choose the best packaging for the amount and type of food you’re storing. Plastics can extend the life of your food by helping protect it from unwanted air exposure, and if you do forget about something in the fridge, your mess is already contained.

You should wind up with less food waste in your kitchen … and more money in your pocket.

2. What’s in my closet?

Can’t see past the mounds of stuff in your closets? Create some breathing room without an expensive closet renovation. Look for shoebox-sized plastic storage containers—they’re ideal for storing shoes (duh) and also accessories, kids’ toys, first aid, and other small items that need their very own space. They’re stackable and typically made with transparent plastics so you easily can see the stored items.

And if you’re really serious about controlling closet clutter, check out this innovative plastic organizer for stacking folded clothes that lets you easily remove an item from the middle without creating a mess.

3. What’s in my junk drawer?

You find them strewn everywhere—a bobby pin here, a screw there, plus paperclips, rubber brands, crayons, pens … These little things can quickly create a cluttered mess of your drawers.

It’s easy to create cost-effective storage systems in your drawers, with items organized by size and type. Durable, customizable plastic storage sets, mini bins, and containers help you create a place for everything—whether it’s hair accessories in the bathroom, small tools in the garage, or office supplies in your desk. One trick that people who fish figured out a long time ago: use various sized plastic tackle boxes with adjustable compartments to organize lots of stuff (instead of just fishing lures). Who knows? Maybe you won’t need that junk drawer any more.

4. Where is the space for all this stuff?

From the bathroom to the garage, you likely have underused spaces in your home.

  • Unused room under the bed? Wheeled, rectangular plastic containers can transform that space into storage for linens and blankets.
  • Shower shelf too small? Plastic mesh pocket organizers hang on the shower rod for your shampoo, conditioner, and other essentials.
  • Door-hanging plastic shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes: use them as extra storage for everything from cleaning products in the laundry room to beauty products in the bathroom.
  • And hanging storage shelves from the ceiling of your garage lets you use that wasted space for seasonal items such as beach toys and holiday decorations—storing things in marked plastic containers helps make them easy to locate.

5. Am I throwing away recyclables?

Think outside the kitchen, and you’ll likely find lots of recyclables throughout the home—shampoo and conditioner bottles in the bathroom, detergent jugs in the laundry room, gardening containers in the garage. But are you recycling all of them?

As part of your organizing routine, optimize your home for recycling by placing sturdy plastic bins in key areas of your home, and remind your family or roommates to recycle plastics and other materials. Recycling reduces your garbage runs and gives your everyday plastics a second chance to live on as new products, such as kitchen tools, clothing, patio furniture, and more.

When done well, decluttering and organizing helps you fight clutter and waste less all year long, creating more time to do the things you really love. All it takes is a few resourceful ideas coupled with some modern and affordable plastic storage.