Plastics in the Backyard: Plastic Composite Lumber & More

Backyard grilling

This year a quarter of Americans plan to make outdoor home improvements to get ready for springtime and warmer weather. So as barbecue season approaches, it’s a good time to take stock of your outdoor deck, furniture and dishware and consider how plastics can help ease time-consuming maintenance chores.

Plastic Composite Lumber: The Perfect Choice for Decks

If you’re thinking about adding a deck (or replacing your tired old one), check out plastic composite lumber for decking and rails. Composite lumber, made from plastics and wood waste, is the easy-care solution. It’s generally stain-resistant, water-resistant, ultraviolet (UV) light-resistant and impervious to insects. Plus, it’s much easier to clean than stained wood decking. Plastic composite decking also means happier little toes, since there are no more wood splinters—a common problem with all-wood decking.

Some plastic composite lumber actually is made in part from recycled plastic bags. In fact, more than 300 million pounds of plastic bags and wraps are used annually to make durable composite lumber for decking. Feel free to share those eco-credentials with your environmentally aware neighbors at your first deck party!

Don’t Forget About Plastic Composite Furniture

You likewise can reduce upkeep by upgrading to outdoor furniture made from plastic. Patio chairs, dining tables and other furniture can be made to resemble painted wood in look and feel. Yet just like plastic composite lumber decking, this furniture doesn’t require painting or staining and resists warping, cracking or splintering for lower maintenance.

Plastic Dishware: Durable and Shatter-Resistant

Now that you have sturdy, easy to care for decking and furniture, you may want to look for the same qualities in your outdoor dishware. Plastic dishware is resilient enough to stand up to your outdoor barbecues, kids parties and everyday dinners and can even be stylish enough for your evening soirees. And since it is shatter resistant, you can help protect your family and friends from injury when the inevitable accident happens.

From decks to furniture to dishware, plastic composite lumber and other products have moved outdoors in a big way, making our lives a little more carefree and freeing up time for family, friends and fun.