Plastic Moldings: Easy Do-It-Yourself Flair


Homeowners looking to spruce up rooms with a simple, affordable do-it-yourself (DIY) project will find that adding or replacing interior molding is a great way to update a home’s look without breaking the bank.

Crown molding and other decorative pieces look elegant, and many people assume that they’re challenging to install. But with just a little DIY savvy—and some extra help from innovative plastic molding—this project can be quick and easy.

Check out these virtues of plastic molding:

Plastic Molding Has Serious Style

Plastic molding is created in a mold, so it can be made into virtually any pattern or design, giving homeowners a lot of flexibility. Plastic molding can resemble nearly any natural material, including the look of wood grain, and it comes in a myriad of colors to match any décor.

Plastic Molding is DIY-Friendly

Plastic molding can be cut and installed with the same basic tools used for installing traditional wood moldings. But plastic molding resists cracks, splinters and splitting common with wood. It doesn’t need pre-drilling for nails or screws, no priming, and little or no sanding to achieve a beautifully smooth finished surface.

Plastic Molding is Flexible

Plastic molding is more forgiving when faced with uneven ceilings and crooked walls. Plastic molding even can be applied to curved surfaces.

Plastic Molding is Durable

Plastic molding is impervious to moisture and resists warps, rot, and mold. Plastics, unlike wood, don’t look like food to termites. Plastic molding is readymade for kitchens, baths, basements, utility rooms…. or any room in the house.

Check out plastic molding to help quickly create a long-lasting and fresh look at home.