Plastic in Paint: Grab a Brush and Paint on the Plastic!

Green paint

Plastics Make it Possible® attended the Architectural Digest Home Design Show to check out the latest trends in home design and interior decorating. One of our key findings from the Show—colors are back in a big way!

A new paint color is often one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into an otherwise drab space. “One of the most basic tools that any designer has is color,” said designer James Rixner in the Show’s Designer Seminar Series. “It can serve as a ‘picture frame’ of what you want to highlight in a room.”

Are There Plastics in Paint?

While oil-based paints still are widely used, “latex” paints that typically combine water and plastics have increased dramatically in popularity, particularly with do-it-yourselfers. The term latex originally referred to the use of latex from rubber trees for the solid part of the paint that actually creates the paint film. Today various plastics are used such as polyvinyls, polyurethanes, polyesters and acrylics. (“Acrylic latex paint” is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to any water-based paints that use plastics.)

Benefits of Plastic Based Paint

These latex paints take advantage of various properties of plastics. These plastic based paints are quick to cure, durable and washable. They often cover in one coat and clean up with water for minimal fuss.

Plastic Based Paint Trends

Before you pick up your brush or roller, check out some of the latest trends in painting:

  • Plastic Based Paint for Exteriors: If you’re looking to brighten up the exterior color of your home, look for latex paints that stand up to harsh weather and contain solar reflectivity formulation technology to help reduce heat absorption in the walls. This reduces the temperature inside the house, helping cut down on those air conditioning bills in summer!
  • Lighten Up with White Plastic Based Paint: Bright whites are still go-to colors because they can quickly lighten up a room. But if you’re repainting with a similar shade of white, it can be tricky to see exactly where you’ve painted. Check out the new latex paints with special additives that actually roll on pink, allowing you to easily see your progress. And then have fun watching the paint dry as the disappearing dye fades to reveal your fresh shade of white. Yes—watching paint dry can be fun!
  • Plastic Based Paint for Wood Floors: One of the latest trends in interior design is something unexpected—painted floors. Instead of repairing dingy old hardwoods or installing new flooring, try refinishing hardwoods with a durable latex paint. It can help bring out the warmth in the room—and you can readily change the color as often as you like.
  • Plastic Lightens the Load: Some brands have switched to plastic paint containers that feature twist-off lids, side handles and easy-pour spouts. The plastic cans are lightweight, won’t rust and are easier to carry. No more can openers!