Plastic Flooring Solutions for Every Taste

Laminate Flooring

Replacing old flooring is a great way to update the look of a room — and there are plenty of options for homeowners.  Luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl planks, and plastic-composite laminate flooring are great choices because they’re fast to install, chic, easy on the feet, and affordable.

The Pros of Plastic Flooring

  • Installation With Less Hassle: Luxury vinyl tile and planks, as well as plastic-composite laminates, can be installed quickly over most hard floors.  Only the pieces around the edge need adhesives or nails, making these floors easy to install, repair and replace.
  • Decisions, Decisions: These plastic floorings mimic the look of alternatives that cost significantly more, such as ceramic tile, wood, slate, and marble.  Luxury vinyl tiles can even be grouted for a finished look.
  • Warm and Quiet: These plastic floorings are also warmer to the touch than many other materials and decrease sound reverberations, a major plus for cold climate dwellers, pet owners, and families with children. Source: – Luxury vinyl tile for everyday use