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Plastics are everywhere in indoor and outdoor spaces around the home. Plastics lend durability to products such as decking, paint and flooring, while choosing décor made with recycled plastics can help you spruce up your living spaces and support sustainability.

  • Potted plants in a greenhouse
    Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens Made Possible by Plastics According to Petrie, who now owns a successful, Philadelphia-area landscape design business, plastics play a role in every stage of a plant’s development and transportation. See How
  • 2015 Solar Decathlon VI
    Inspired by Hurricane, College Team Builds Energy Efficient Shore House with Plastics A team of students designed and built a house for the 2015 Solar Decathlon, a contest among universities to build solar-powered houses that are “affordable, energy-efficient, and attractive.” Check It Out
  • Father and son in front of house with solar panels
    Zero Energy Homes Made Possible By Plastics Imagine a house that produces its own electricity. These homes already exist, and plastics play a fundamental role. Learn More
  • Plastic decking
    The Benefits of Plastic Composite Decking Engineered lumber made with plastics is easy to maintain and durable enough to outlast natural wood! Read up on the benefits of decking built with plastic composite lumber. Read More