Great Ideas for Gifts Made with Recycled Plastics

Mother and daughter sitting on the couch exchanging gifts

Is recycling a big deal in your household? Are you and your loved ones passionate about the environment? Then check out these great gift ideas that can help lighten your environmental footprint.

No matter the occasion, gifts made with recycled plastics help keep valuable materials out of landfills to live another life. Today there’s a wide variety of recycled plastic products available, so it’s easier than ever to find something with an eco-friendly twist for your family and friends.

  • Toting stuff: We all need to carry stuff from place to place, whether across town or across the world. Today you can choose from a wide range of bags and cases made with recycled plastics—such as a laptop sleeve, toiletry kit, travel duffel, backpack, and everyday tote—that are helpful for those on your list and the environment.
  • Returning to the kitchen: Foodies on your list? Did you know that everyday plastic food packaging can return to your kitchen as great gifts: durable recycled plastic cooking tools? For example, polypropylene plastic used in yogurt and margarine containers can return as kitchen essentials such as mixing bowls and measuring cups. And those high-density polyethylene plastic milk jugs can return as durable cutting boards.
  • Fashioning a gift: For your fashion-conscious and eco-conscious gift recipients, look for clothing that uses fabrics made with recycled plastics, such as stylish fleece jackets, workout gear, and more. To make these eco-friendly fashions, plastics such as beverage bottles are melted, stretched into a fine thread, and woven into soft, comfortable and durable fabrics.
  • Toying with tots: Recycled plastic toys can help the little ones on your list learn about the importance of sustainability. You can find a wide variety—including a rocket ship and ferry boat— made with used milk jugs to inspire kids’ imaginations. An adjustable balance bike made with recycled plastics could make an extra-special gift.
  • Furnishing a home: Thanks to their versatility, recycled plastics can be used to make stylish home furnishings that suit just about any taste. A colorfully patterned indoor/outdoor rug can make a long-lasting gift thanks to the durability of recycled polypropylene. And to leave an enduring impression and a lighter environmental footprint, check out colorful outdoor furniture made with recycled plastics.

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