Plastics: The Home Chef’s Sweetheart

  • Aracely
    Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes

    Aracely Worley is the blogger better known as Daytripping Mom. Aracely blogs on family friendly outings, activities and events to connect with her readers through stories that are insightful, witty and heartfelt.

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  • Choco Flan in Carrier
    Choco Flan-Tastic

    Nicole Presley’s mom never cooked, inspiring her to learn the “basics” for survival. No longer a novice, Nicole started her blog Presley’s Pantry where she teaches her readers how to cook everything from pizza from scratch to savory salmon cakes!

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  • Liz
    "Tell Me You Love Me" Cupcakes

    Liz Cerezo, known in the blogosphere as the woman behind Thoughts of a Mommy, uses her contagious charm and outgoing personality to connect with her readers who follow her for product reviews and fun giveaways.

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  • Sheryl
    Orange Cardamom Shortbread Sweet-Hearts

    Sheryl Aronow started her blog Mama’s Gotta Bake as her love for everything food unfolded. In her personal blog, Sheryl shares simple recipes, anecdotes, photos and experiences to connect with her followers.

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