World Renowned Chef Jose Andres Keeps it Fresh With Plastics Food & Wine 2011 - Jose Andres InterviewT0M11S

Plastics Make it Possible®’s entertaining and food expert, Sissy Biggers, interviews Jose Andres at the 2011 FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. Watch here to find out how Jose uses plastics to keep ingredients fresher longer.

Video Transcript

Sissy Biggers: Hi, I’m Sissy Biggers and plastics has made it possible for me to bring you behind the scenes at the 29th annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. When you get to see Chef Jose Andres at the Food and Wine Classic, you’re sort of transported to the entire universe, because you really are at the top of the culinary universe right now. Admit it.

Jose Andres: I don’t know if I am at the top. I know when I go home, I have to cook for my children, and they complain about everything that I do for them. So quite frankly I have my doubt.

Sissy Biggers: I know your children, and I know they’re pretty demanding little palates, those girls.

Jose Andres: ‘Daddy, the pasta is overcooked. Mario Batali would never overcook pasta.’ Like, what? These are the kind of food critics I have at home. So, you know, I don’t think I’m at the top of my game yet.

Sissy Biggers: Now Jose, when you travel the world, back to Spain, to your restaurants all over the United States, tell me how when you’re in the kitchen, plastics are incorporated into your food prep and into your cooking as a chef.

Jose Andres: Well, they are. If you come to any one of my workings in the restaurants, very organized refrigerators, you would see very much everything is in plastic containers. They’re great. They’re not heavy. They seem they never break. But if you come to my home you would also see that my refrigerator is full of plastics, actually. I was not thinking about it. Now that you ask me, yeah, I have a lot of plastic in my life, I guess.

Sissy Biggers: Well I find that especially if you’re cooking for a busy family like you have, a young family, it allows you to have stuff at the ready. What kind of things does Jose Andres have in his refrigerator for his kids to pull out of a plastic bag for a snack?

Jose Andres: Ha. Ha! So many things. Mozzarella they love. And It’s a local guy that makes it. The best mozzarella. The little ones, the bocconcini, they call them. This comes in a plastic container.

Sissy Biggers: Thanks so much, Jose. And I can’t wait to dance with you later.

Jose Andres: Bye!