Top 3 Tips for Outdoor Parties: Guest Post by Sissy Biggers

Sissy Biggers

Entertaining outdoors can seem like a tall order, especially if you’re trying to create an elegant yet ecologically-minded experience for your guests. But it doesn’t have to be! Innovative products, many made from plastics, help make outdoor entertaining easier than ever. Below are three of my top tips for making sure your outdoor party is a memorable one!

Outdoor Entertaining Bowls The Right Grilling Tools

Outdoor grilling essentials include silicone plastic basting brushes for applying marinades and sauces, heat-resistant silicone grilling mitts to protect hands and arms from heat and flames, and shatter-resistant plastic containers with lids for sauces, marinades and dips. Lightweight plastic trays and platters come in all sorts of creative designs and make it easier transport food to and from the grill. And if you accidentally drop a plastic tray, you won’t have to deal with glass or ceramic shards and splinters.


Outdoor Entertaining Plate and ForkSophisticated Serving Pieces & Table Settings

Planning a perfect outdoor party means making things as beautiful and easy as possible. Sophisticated plastic serving pieces and table settings are perfect for any type of outdoor party since they are lightweight and shatter-resistant. For a more formal outdoor soiree, look for plastic pitchers, plates, flatware, serving pieces and even stemware with elegant designs.



Outdoor Entertaining SangriaPlastic drink dispensers with the look of crystal are a sophisticated way to serve refreshments at outdoor parties. Since guests can serve themselves (without fear of breaking a glass dispenser), there’s no need for a hosted bar, which allows you to enjoy more time with your guests.




Outdoor Entertaining Recycle

Sustainable Party Planning

Recycling is an essential part of entertaining – both indoors and outdoors. Make sure to place a labeled recycling bin next to the trash bin to remind guests to recycle at your next outdoor party. Depending on your local recycling programs, plastic bottles, bags, wraps, containers, cups, plates and cutlery can be recycled to live a second life as decking, t-shirts, handy wine carriers, cutting boards, carpeting and even outdoor furniture.

Happy entertaining!