Thanksgiving Dinner Puts Plastics to the Test

Thanksgiving is easier with plastics

Every year American families invest a lot of time and effort into creating the quintessential Thanksgiving dinner. Fortunately, today we have access to a wide range of innovative plastic products that help make Thanksgiving dinner easier to manage, and more importantly, safer to consume.

How to use plastics on Thanksgiving

Help Keep Your Family Healthy & Safe

Plastic packaging makes an impact before you even leave the grocery store. Wrapped around your prized turkey is plastic wrap (typically EVA) that helps keep both your bird and your other Thanksgiving Day supplies protected from harmful bacteria so you can help keep your family happy and safe during their holiday.

The Right Tool for the Job

Did you know that plastic cutting boards, when used and washed properly in the dishwasher, can reduce the chances of spreading bacteria during food preparation? According to the USDA and FDA, plastic cutting boards are preferable to wood because cuts in wooden boards can harbor bacteria.

Plastic products such as cooking utensils, mixing bowls, and measuring cups are shatter-resistant, typically dishwasher safe, and forgiving enough to protect your scratch-prone cookware.

Cleanup Made Easy

There’s a reason you have a “kids’ table.” Using a plastic tablecloth that is easily wiped clean keeps you from worrying over expensive furniture and lets your kids enjoy being kids.

Many families also depend on plastic plates, cups, and eating utensils to accommodate large Thanksgiving get-togethers and help minimize clean up. Spend less time cleaning up, and more time with your family.

The Leftovers

Leftovers are almost as sought after as Thanksgiving dinner itself, so help keep them fresh by storing them properly. Plastic food storage containers, wraps, and bags help to make this task a little easier and can make meal planning a breeze! Consider a few of the many plastic products used after the meal to help keep food fresh:

  • Reusable plastic containers: available in all shapes and sizes to store everything from stuffing to cranberry sauce. Many can even be used in the microwave for easy reheating. Plastic containers keep out excess oxygen, a major cause of food spoilage and vitamin loss, so always close the lids tightly for storage.
  • Plastic freezer bags: pre-printed labels make it easy to record your own use-by dates. Did you know that turkey can stay fresh for up to six months in the freezer, but only three or four days in the refrigerator?
  • Plastic wrap: Plastic wrap designed for the microwave can be used to retain moisture during microwave reheating (check the manufacturer’s label for instructions on proper microwave use). Plastic wrap also is great for covering those creamy pumpkin pies and other leftovers to retain freshness.

More Time for What’s Really Important

By saving you time and helping keep your meals fresh and safe, plastics help you enjoy more of what’s really important: making memories with your family.