Plastic Helps Make Holiday Prep Easier and More Sustainable

Plastic Bowls

Want to do more with less in the kitchen—especially during the busy holiday entertaining season? Plastics Make it Possible® has teamed up with world-renowned chef and television personality Robert Irvine at this year’s Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE to show you how plastics can make your time in the kitchen easier while helping you contribute to sustainability.

For example:

  • Plastic cooking tools such as spatulas, cutting boards and mixing bowls are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, making food prep quicker and easier.
  • Airtight plastic storage containers help keep your favorite holiday leftovers fresh so you can enjoy them longer and save food.
  • Baking mats and molds made with heat-resistant, nonstick silicone plastic help you create perfect holiday baked goods that easily slide off the pan.
  • Plastic freezer bags with zipper closures let you seal out air—helping prevent “freezer burn” so you can enjoy leftover turkey all winter.
  • Sealable plastic containers labeled for use in both the freezer and microwave make storing cranberry sauce and reheating gravy more convenient than ever.

Plastics not only save you time while you’re preparing holiday meals, they can also help you reduce waste.

  • Innovations in minimalist food packaging made with plastics help leave a lighter environmental footprint by reducing packaging waste and fuel consumed in transport.
  • Plastic packaging is an investment in our food and the resources we use to produce it. Studies find that the use of packaging greatly offsets the negative impact of wasted food, since up to 10 times more resources (materials, energy, water) are used to make and distribute food than are used to make the packaging that protects it.
  • Resealable plastic packaging lets you use only the amount of food you need, then save the rest for later—helping to reduce food waste.
  • And plastics recycling continues to expand, with a wider variety of plastics collected in recycling programs than ever before. When you recycle plastic food packaging such as milk jugs and soft drink bottles, valuable plastics can live on as handy kitchen tools and stylish tableware that help close the recycling loop.

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