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At home and on the go, plastics play a major role in keeping food fresh and reducing food waste. Learn how things like airtight, durable storage containers and innovative, convenient packaging help you live more sustainably. Watch celebrity chef Duff Goldman and other famous foodies discuss plastics in the kitchen. Get busy exploring.

Tailgating Tips for Game Day Eats

See How Plastic Can Make Tailgating Easy
Tailgating Tips for Game Day Eats
Duff Goldman

Plastics in the Kitchen with Duff Goldman

Learn Why This Celebrity Chef Loves Plastics
  • Plastic Bowls
    Plastics Help Makes Holiday Prep Easier and More Sustainable To make sure your extra turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce stay fresh and yummy, it’s important to store them properly. See How
  • Holiday Leftovers
    Get the Most of Your Holiday Leftovers with Plastics In the refrigerator and freezer sections, there are pouches (often re-sealable) for fish, chicken strips, dinner entrees and more. These pouches are just one example of lightweight plastic packaging. Read More From Professor Plastic