Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Moments

The holiday season can be hectic and busy but plastics have your back. Plastic food containers do the heavy lifting with meal prep for parties. Faux trees, plastic ornaments and flameless candles make decorating a breeze—and that’s only the beginning! Enjoy our Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Moments video and learn more about how plastics can help you have fun, stay safe, reduce waste and much more!

Don’t miss the hijinks at this holiday party. Thank goodness plastics are there.

  • 5 Simple Tips to Reduce Holiday Waste

    Holiday get-togethers don’t have to be wasteful. Make plastic recycling top of mind. Learn how and get more great tips.

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  • Plastics Help Lighten Your Environmental Footprint This Holiday Season

    From the artificial tree to preparing, the perfect meal, and even festive decorations, plastics give you lots of ways to help the environment this holiday season—it’s easier than ever to get the whole family involved in reducing waste.

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  • Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Leftovers with Plastics

    Innovative plastic food packaging and storage containers can help give extra life to your leftovers this holiday season—because enjoying that extra food later is what makes a great holiday meal even better.

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