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Can Creating A Homework “Nook’” Help Your Child?

An education expert has some advice   Getting kids to do their homework can be difficult, from kindergarten all the way through high school. Can a dedicated workspace at home – a homework “nook” – help students succeed? And if so, what do parents need to set up a space that fits their...

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5 Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

Let’s face it—between shopping, decorating, and travel planning, you’re not exactly sure how you’ll find time to throw that perfect get-together for family and friends. But here’s some good news: plastics have your back. From the decorations to the gifts to the kitchen, plastics make...

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Create a Greenhouse Shade Cloth to Combat the Heat

If you’ve invested in building or purchasing a greenhouse or arbor to enhance your outdoor living space or green thumb, installing a plastic shade cloth is the perfect addition. Shade cloth is designed to shield you or your plants from the intensity of the sun, thus allowing you to control the hea...

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