This to That

How many recycled plastic items does it take to make a new product? Enter your guess below to find out!

Did you know that many of the everyday plastics we recycle can live another life? From kitchen tools to stylish clothing, it's easier than ever to find high-quality recycled plastic products that help keep a valuable resource from going to waste.

  • Did you know plastic beverage bottles can be recycled into fabric for clothing? Between 3 and 5 beverage bottles are needed for a t-shirt.

  • It's easier than ever to find soft, durable fleece jackets made with recycled plastics. Each jacket is made with 6 to 20 plastic beverage bottles.

  • Recycled plastic yogurt containers can become useful kitchen tools. A set of plastic mixing bowls helps 33 to 84 yogurt containers live a new life.

  • Want to save LOTS of plastic milk jugs from landfills? Turn them into playground sets! It takes 8,715 to 21,186 milk jugs for a mini-playground set.

  • Even stylish furniture can be made with recycled plastics. A plastic Adirondack chair can keep 341 to 512 milk jugs out of landfills.