Are You Recycling That?

Many of the plastics you use every day can be recycled. Select 5 items you think are recyclable to test your recycling expertise. Move your mouse over the items in the room and click on those you want to recycle.

Recycle Items
  • Plastic condiment containers-from mustard to ketchup to mayonnaise-and their lids can be recycled in many curbside programs across the country.

  • Plastic milk jugs are recycled in most communities in the US! They can be made into cutting boards, garden planters, patio furniture, and more.

  • Fresh flowers smell great, but they're better off being composted when they're spent - not tossed in the recycling bin!

  • Plastic beverage bottles are widely recycled, and they're often made into a variety of stylish clothing. Remember to recycle your caps, too.

  • Plastic bags (including zipper bags) and wraps from many products are collected for recycling at participating grocery and retail stores.

  • It's easy to recycle yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine containers-just clean and toss 'em in the bin.

  • Don't recycle Fluffy! But you may be able to recycle your plastic cat food containers-just check to see what's collected in your community.

  • Spoiled fruit doesn't go in the recycling bin - compost if you can. But, if possible, DO recycle the plastic bag or container that carried your fruit!

  • A purse shouldn't go in your curbside recycling bin, but perhaps you can repurpose or donate it. (Remember to remove your wallet.)

Please remember that not all plastics are recycled everywhere. To find out what's accepted for recycling in your community, visit your community's website and check.

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