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Meet Design Competition Winner WesFeld

After sifting through 161 entries, 322 looks, and more than 5,000 online comments, we’re proud to announce that the design team of Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld (together known to the fashion world as WesFeld) are the 2009 Plastics Make it PossibleSM Design Competition winners! The contest, lau...

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Plastic Prosthetics Help Put Amputees Back in Action

Bob Radocy demonstrates the TRS EAGLE®, a recreational prosthesis with plastic-based joints that store energy from the backswing motion. With this golf model an amputee can duplicate the human biomechanics of a swing. In the Oscar-nominated feature film 127 Hours rock climber Aron Ralston, played b...

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Lucite: From Couture Footwear to Glowing Body Art

Take the characteristics of crystal glass, combine them with plastics innovation, and the result is Lucite – an acrylic material that is about eight times clearer than glass and much more versatile. Lucite does not crack or chip as easily as glass and scratches can be easily buffed out. What’s m...

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Self-Healing Plastics Could One Day Repair Planes in Flight

Engineers at Bristol University in the U.K. have created plastic technologies that could one-day lead to the development of airplanes that can literally fix themselves while they are still in the air. Interestingly, the British engineers were inspired by human biology; their plastic technology emula...

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