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Plastic Fashion Trends for 2011

Staying ahead of the fashion curve is challenging! For every new trend, there’s an even newer one gracing the catwalk or appearing in stores.  So get a jumpstart on the trends forecasted by top fashion influencers such as Glamour Magazine, NBC’s Thread/NY, Luuux and more. You’ll find innovati...

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Trendy Sequins, Made Possible by Plastic

Sequins have a long history, running from ancient Egyptian royalty to schmaltzy casino signs. Thanks to plastics, today they’re glistening down the runways of New York and Paris and adding pizzazz to shoes, purses, skirts and more. Before plastics, sequins often were made of coins or small pieces ...

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Extending Beauty with Fast Fusion Plastic Hair Extensions

Plastics make possible many of today’s fashion-forward looks, including several of the most popular hair-lengthening systems. For example, many high-end hair extensions use a “cold fusion” system which uses plastic to bond hair extensions to the client’s natural hair near the roots. A specia...

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Lucite: From Couture Footwear to Glowing Body Art

Take the characteristics of crystal glass, combine them with plastics innovation, and the result is Lucite – an acrylic material that is about eight times clearer than glass and much more versatile. Lucite does not crack or chip as easily as glass and scratches can be easily buffed out. What’s m...

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