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How Can We Recover More Plastics?

Part of the Path Runs Through Boise, Idaho Plastics recycling has been growing for decades, which keeps more and more of these valuable materials out of landfills. But like any endeavor, there have been a few bumps along the way. For example, when China recently significantly reduced the amount of U...

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Trunks to Tech: The History of Luggage

Originally posted on REALSIMPLE We’ve come a long way from bulky trunks and suitcases. One material makes modern luggage both sturdy and stylish. When you think about it, modern luggage is amazing. For an affordable price, you can buy a sturdy, light, stylish piece of luggage that will last for...

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Guilty Pleasure: A Brief History of High Heels and Other Shoes

The right shoes can trigger a much needed mood shift on a blah day. Slide into animal print pumps to call forth a little attitude and confidence. Or lace up your favorite running shoes to channel your inner warrior. The shoes in your collection can be as varied as the roles you play from...

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From Burlap to Bikinis: A Women’s Swimwear Timeline

Did you know full-length women’s swimsuits in the early 1900s were made of wool burlap? Sounds kind of itchy. Fortunately, swimwear and fashion have advanced. Modern fabrics (mostly made with plastics) have helped make swimsuits more versatile, durable, and flattering, inspiring a number of...

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Plastics on Ice: How Plastics Advance Ice Hockey

Imagine ice skating in virtually any kind of weather. Thanks to innovations in plastics, it’s possible. You don’t need a frozen pond or a chilly outdoor rink. You now can skate on plastic “waterless ice” that never melts, indoors or outdoors—regardless of the season! How is it possible...

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What Protects our Protectors?

Previously published in Plastics Engineering and posted with permission from the Society of Plastics Engineers. What do the people who run into burning homes, battle devastating wildfires, brave raging floodwaters, and help stop epidemics have in common? The search and rescuers, firefighters, polic...

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