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Modernize Your Holiday Style

Originally posted on REALSIMPLE Make your season bright with fun, modern decorations. Here are four ideas for updated plastic décor to let your holiday style sing. It’s wonderful to honor your family’s long-standing holiday traditions, but it’s also important to decorate in a way that feels...

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Holiday Gear and Goodies: Organizing Tips from a Pro

Originally published on REALSIMPLE How and where to store your seasonal items when ‘tisn’t the season. We spoke to an expert to find out the best strategies for putting away all your holiday décor. The holidays have passed, the stockings are empty, and now all that’s left is… a mess....

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What Happens To All Those Bottle Caps After the Game?

If You’re the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles, You Recycle Them… Every Sunday during pro football season, tens of thousands of fans descend upon enormous stadiums, consuming a wide assortment of food and drink—including thousands of bottled soft drinks. Ever wonder what happens to...

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The Ultimate 9 Quick Tips to Recycle More Plastics

According to EPA, recycling can help conserve natural resources, reduce waste, prevent pollution, save energy, create jobs—and sustain the environment for future generations. Recycling also makes economic sense. Recycling helps generate local revenue, support local recycling jobs, and enable us to...

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Can I Recycle Packing Bubbles and Shipping Pillows?

Don’t you just love getting a package delivered to your door? (I do. Especially if it’s shoes…) But once you’ve got the goods, do you know what to do with the packaging? It’s usually easy to recycle the cardboard shipping box. But just what are you supposed to do with those plastic...

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